Start of new club season

Good Start
The 2013 - 2014 season has started at Beeston Camera Club and to my great surprise one of my prints - Austrian Church came first in the monochrome section. This is good news although its quite an old photograph now so hopefully some of my more recent ones will do as well.

For anyone wanting to learn about or simply enjoy an interest in Photography a camera club is a great place to meet fellow photographers. Beeston Camera Club meets on Thursday evening throughout most of the year and despite my initial reservations about joining they are a friendly bunch who are increasingly becoming younger - or perhaps it's just me getting older.

The monthly competitions are an opportunity to get your work evaluated in a positive way by an accredited judge and in the many years I have been going I have yet to encounter harsh or unpleasant comments - they are nearly always constructive and positive.

So if you want to take your hobby a bit further join a camera club.