Trying to Improve

Trying to move out of my comfort zone
As a member of Beeston Camera Club I enter their monthly print and projected digital images competitions - it is a process I enjoy and it allows me to judge my images against my colleagues and get them assessed by touring judges.

My performance this year though has been, to be frank, mediocre. My photos simply lack impact and although I believe they are generally technically OK they are very similar - predominantly landscapes, blue skies and "pretty" Time to move out of this zone I think. The question is how to do this and what type of photography should I move into.

Studio work is an obvious area but I don't own a studio and although I have done some work in studios I can't say I enjoyed the process - possibly because I am quite camera shy myself. So this would not be my first choice.

Street Photography is a possibility and taking photos at re-enactments and other staged events is definitely worth exploring. In a similar vein sports photography is also an option although I am not a football fan so it would have to be rugby or tennis I think.

I have started experimenting with macro and that is rewarding if a bit frustrating but it is certainly something I want work on.

I am planning on going on a few courses and entering a number of competitions to see if I can change my style so hopefully things will improve.