Start of blog - the last 12 months

Started a course, had to replace focus screen. Thinking of upgrading camera.
To start this blog a quick summary of the kit I use and my photographic experience during the last year or so.

I am a committed Canon user with a 5D Mk 2 and 7D, both great cameras - I use the 5D for landscapes generally whilst the 7d comes into play for wildlife with its cropped sensor advantage. Lenses range from a Sigma 12- 24 mm to a Canon 100 - 400mm with flash guns and other accessories. I would like a Canon 500mm but not worth remortgaging the house for though !!

I suppose I would like to think myself a good amateur photographer but I tend to work within a relatively restricted comfort range. I am not keen on street photography and other than family I don't really do portaiture. I am a member of Beeston Camera Club and take part in their monthly competitions with modest but not outstanding success - judges often comment that my photographs are chocolate box, nice or well composed, but rather safe - so I defintely need to improve the impact of my images. Comments from anyone are of course most welcome. I provide images for the "into The Vale" magazine which circulates through the Vale of Belvoir and have had some success on Alamy having sorted out quality submission issues.

Photographic highlights of the last 12 months include enrolling on a School of Photographic Imaging course, and finally mastering getting a true white background in family portaits. Disasters include trying to mount a Canon EF-S lens on the 5D which resulting in the focusing screen falling out and getting covered in dust which meant ultimately replacing it. As for the next 12 months maybe replacing the 5D mk 2 with a Mk3 but more importantly really trying to up my game and move out of the comfort zone.